Pretest driving lessons
Limerick & Shannon, Co. Clare

Pre test driving lessons are designed to fine tune a pupils driving skills before they take their driving test.

These lessons are only appropriate after 12 EDT lessons have been completed and the pupil is at or very near the standard required to take their driving test.

Still not sure if you need 12 EDT Driving lessons? This is why you do:

Frequently asked question (FAQ)

Reduced EDT pupils are required to take a minimum of 6 lessons, as with new drivers some reduced EDT students may require more than 6 lessons to reach the standard required to pass their driving test.

Reduced EDT students can generally complete their lessons much quicker as they already have prior knowledge of driving and should be able to drive to a certain standard already before they begin. 
Reduced EDT students do not have to wait six months from the date they receive their permit, this is only the case for new drivers who have to do 12 EDT lessons. Reduced EDT students can apply for their test as soon as they have finished the 6 mandatory lessons. 

What some of our many students have to say

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