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Driving Lessons Shannon, Co. Clare & Limerick

When it comes to getting driving lessons and learning how to drive in Start Up School of Motoring is the No.1 Driving School. We provide services throughout Limerick & Shannon, Co. Clare.

Our ADI (Approved Driving Instructors) instructors are highly qualified and registered RSA (Road Safety Authority) – Whether you are a beginner, have a test coming up, are a nervous learner or a little more experienced, we have the right driving instructor for you!


EDT Driving Lessons

Essential Driver Training (EDT) is a structured training programme for learner drivers consisting of 12 driving sessions with an Approved Driving Instructor.

Pretest Driving Lessons​

Designed to provide learner drivers with the understanding control and confidence they need to sit and pass the practical driving test.

Car Hire for Driving Test

If you hold a valid learner permit and have taken some Pretest lessons then you can get your car hired for the Limerick driving test if you feel your own car may not be suitable or if you think it might cause any trouble to you later.

Frequently Asked Questions

It depends. Our learners take on average 30 hours of driving lessons before passing their practical test – 17 hours fewer than the national average!

Essential Driver Training (EDT) is a structured training programme put together by the Road Safety Authority for learner drivers. It gives new drivers a stronger foundation of training on which they can build their knowledge and skills. The lessons cover the most important skills, knowledge, and behaviors needed to become a safe driver.

The purpose of EDT is to save lives by maximising the safety of inexperienced drivers and helping them to develop the skills and confidence needed to share the road safely with others. The introduction of EDT for learner drivers is part of the Road Safety Strategy 2007-2012 and is one of a range of measures announced by the Road Safety Authority (RSA) last September to enhance the way that drivers are trained, tested and licensed in Ireland as part of a new Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) system.

If your first learner permit for a car is dated on or after 4th April 2011, you must complete EDT. All learner drivers must have completed EDT before they can sit a driving test.

It depends on each pupil and their prior experience as some pupils are complete beginners and take enough time to learn all the lessons but some are experienced so they learn quite early and start preparing for the driving test. But if you are with Start Up School of Motoring then you would be happy to know that we have customized driving lessons for all pupils in Limerick according to their individual case.

You cannot book any driving lesson until you have your physical learner permit. This is vital when taking your driving lessons and needs to be shown to your driving instructor before every lesson.


This is an introductory lesson where the Start Up School of Motoring driving instructor gives you an Essential Driver Training (EDT) Learner Driver Information Booklet.

You will then receive your EDT logbook at the end of your first ‘EDT’ lesson which is at Lesson Two of the Level One (Educate) package. The EDT logbook is provided free of charge, however, if you misplace it, you may be charged for a replacement EDT logbook. You can find out more information on replacing your EDT logbook on the Road Safety Authority’s website.

You should bring your learner permit to every driving lesson.

When you are given your EDT logbook after your first EDT Lesson, make sure to bring that to every driving lesson too.

Not necessarily, you can be a resident of any other city and still give the test in Limerick but it does give an advantage to the person residing in Limerick as they will be aware of the routes and important junctions and manoeuvres. But if you choose pretests and mock tests from Start Up School of Motoring, you won’t be facing such problems as we will make you practise through all the test routes in Limerick and also evaluate your driving skills as the tester will.

What some of our many students have to say

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